We are a coalition of McGill labour unions, student organizations, and departmental associations preparing to campaign for a campus-wide minimum wage of $15, which we believe is a basic human right. We represent a diverse group of students, community members, and employees – ranging from students employed part-time, to course lecturers, to full-time support staff. This summer, we will be doing research, gathering materials, and reaching out to other groups to join us in fighting for what’s fair.

We are:

AMUSE - Association of McGill University Support Employees

AMURE - Association of McGill University Research Employees

AGSEM - Teaching Assistants and Invigilators

MCLIU - McGill Course Lecturers and Instructors

MUNACA - McGill University Non-Academic Certified Union

SSMU - Students’ Society of McGill University

QPIRG-McGill - Quebec Public Interest Research Group at McGill

Midnight Kitchen

To get involved, contact 15andfairmcgill@gmail.com